Trail Blazer Line

Release your inner explorer

The stone is the star

For our Trail Blazer Line, we adapted a traditional Viking weave style to highlight select natural stones.  Our hand-wrapped, delicate bezel is designed to enhance the stone’s character and complement its natural beauty.

Our Trail Blazer LIne currently features Twilight Trek Stylings, which unique, hand-crafted pendants and necklaces. 

We hand select raw rock which we shape, polish and hand-craft into each beautiful piece of our Trail Blazer Line. 

      – Hand selected distinctive shapes are singular – Like Your Style
      – Natural Desert Stone is polished to a glow that reflects your inner vibe
      – Twilight Trek Pendants are individually hand-crafted, which guarantees yours is an original

We start with simple rustic stones and with some artistic flare, we turn them into the gorgeous, polished displays we call our Trail Blazer Line. We prepare and craft them in small batches in our little corner of paradise in the desert southwest. By using natural rock, shaping, polishing, and wrapping each stone by hand, the entire jewelry-making process happens in our studio from start to finish.

Our Trail Blazer Line currently features
Twilight Trek Stylings.
Specially selected pendants and necklaces to stir your trekking spirit.

Discover Twilight Trek Stylings

  • Sale! Twilight Trek Viking weave Peach Feldspar Slv-LS

    Twilight Trek – Tyne

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  • Sale! Viking weave Aventurine Silver Pendant LS

    Twilight Trek – Tobin

    $39.95 $19.98
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  • Sale! Twilight Trek Viking Weave Pendant LS

    Twilight Trek – Tory

    $39.95 $19.98
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  • Sale! Twilight Trek Tatum Viking weave Aventurine Necklace LS

    Twilight Trek – Tatum

    $39.95 $19.98
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Your DSD natural desert stone is unique from every other stone. Through handling and traveling with you, your Twilight Trek pendant stone’s hues may change or special features may develop over time. Through wear, each stone absorbs your essence and becomes your stone.

We periodically release fresh, newly crafted pendant selections
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