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Mask Chains


Fashion Forward!
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Flaunt Your Style

It’s the nifty, stylish accessory
you didn’t know you needed.

Our newest line of Mask Chains is a
brilliant solution to keeping track of your mask!
Put your personal flair in play

Wearing a mask when you go out these days is a necessity.
And Public Health Professionals admonish us
not to touch the front of our mask.

But when you take your mask off while you are exercising
or walking alone or to drink or eat,
what do you do with it?

Tuck it in your pocket or bag?
Leave it hanging off one ear?
Set it down nearby, and risk contaminating it?

Here’s a better idea!

Our Mask Chains keep your mask handy without your having to touch it.

– Enjoy the convenience of simply unwrapping your ear loops
and letting your mask hang from your neck when not needed.

– Mask Chains put the focus on your personal style, instead of on your mask.

– Turn your Mask Chain around, so your mask hangs out of the way behind you,
and your Mask Chain doubles as a necklace!

Our Mask Chains incorporate simple swivel, trigger-pull, snap clasps
for super-easy attaching and changing your Mask Chains
to coordinate with all your favorite masks.
The swivel feature ensures a tangle-free experience
to make wrangling your mask easy
and help you keep your mask handy.

A simple and practical way
to avoid contaminating your mask

and keeping it handy!
 Amp up your personal flair factor.

Choose from colorful designs or
opt for simple waxed cord styles.
Our Mask Chains are approximately 23″ long.

All DSD Mask Chains are handcrafted.
Attention to detail informs the quality of our stylish Mask Chains.

Simply Distinctive – Like Your Style

Details :
Length : 23″
Beads : wood, pewter
Clasp : swivel, trigger-pull snap style
Pkg Dimensions : 6”L x 4”W x 2”D

Additional information

Weight1 oz
Dimensions6 × 4 × 1.50 in

Aspen, Espresso/Antique Gold, Espresso/Gold, Espresso/Silver, Java / Antique Gold, Java / Gold, Java / Silver, Latte / Antique Gold, Latte / Gold, Latte / Silver, Mahogany, Sand, Sienna, Silver Tone, Teal/Silver


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