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Fabulous Finds – Riley


Simple Shining Stack


Subtle, Rosey, luminous

Soothe your wanderlust

Riley is smooth, subtle and simple. Crafted from natural rosey quartz, the stacked stone pendant is hand- drilled and strung on a simple, 45 strand satin silver wire. A simple silver, lobster clasp and bead embellishments finish this natural minimalist look.
Every Nature lover will appreciate this naturally luminous necklace.

     Fabulous Finds – Your Connection to Mother Earth
     Each beautiful piece is Simply DistinctiveLike Your Style
     Check back often as we continually update our selections

Because your Fabulous Finds piece is made from natural stone, through handling and traveling with you, your individual stone may develop special features. Over time, each natural stone absorbs your essence and becomes uniquely yours.

Details :
Pendant : 1.5”L x 7/8”W x 3/16”D
Necklace : 18”L, Satin Silver, 45 Strand Wire, Silver-tone Lobster Clasp
Pkg Dimensions : 6”L x 4”W x 2”D

Your feather-light Riley Necklace features a 18″ satin silver, 45 strand wire for durability and a secure, simple, silver lobster clasp.

Additional information

Weight1 oz
Dimensions.875 × .50 × .25 in


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