Out of the Blue Collection

Introducing our 2021 Spring-Summer Series

Embrace your inner Beach Bum

Hear the echos of water washing up  on the shoreline…..
Yup, the beach is beckoning.
Inspired by treasures from the beach, our Out of the Blue Collection features
unisex necklaces and earrings showcasing shells and fossils!
Handpicked for spring & summer fun!

Our NEW Out of the Blue Collection
blends glass, wood, and metallic beads, waxed cotton cords, and metallic accents to complement hand-drilled shell and fossil pendants. Waxed cord necklaces are finished with adjustable slip knots for versatile wearability.
Adjust the length for every look from 16″, to rest at your collarbone,
to on-trend 26″ fashion statement length.
Every piece is handcrafted to ensure attention to detail.

The Out of the Blue Collection also includes elegantly simple shell earrings.
Incorporating glass, wood and acrylic beads and metallic accents to enhance the beautiful natural, hand-drilled shells, your post earrings feature gentle dangling movement for eye-catching style.

Out of the Blue Collection
 is a fresh take on shoreline mementos.

Desert Stone Designs
Simply Distinctive ~ Like Your Style

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Ivory Tulip Conch Shell Necklace
Tulip Conch Shell Necklace
Mottled Moss Turban Shell Necklace
Turban Shell Necklace
Clam Shell Stack Necklace
Stacked Clam Shell Necklace
Moon Shell Necklace
Moon Shell Necklace
Ark Shell Earrings
Ark Shell Earrings
Silver Mouth Turban Necklace
Silver Mouth Turban Shell Necklace
Button Shell Post Earrings
Button Shell Earrings
Clam Shell Earrings
Nutmeg Murex Shell Necklace
Murex Shell Necklace
Coral Fossil Necklace
Coral Fossil Necklace