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Hey, I’m Therese

Therese - Artist 2

Desert Stone Designs include only pieces handcrafted by me in my home studio, which includes a workbench and desk for intricate work and business tasks; my garage workshop for grittier, dustier crafting; and an exterior workspace for messier aspects of bringing out the best of natural stone. Between the inexplicably lazy house elves and my canine companions, I’m well attended and supervised.

In addition to being the artisan of Desert Stone Designs, I also handle photography, writing, marketing, advertising, website development and management, packing and shipping, social networking, accounting, and customer service.

My background is in marketing, commercial design, and public relations which have nothing to do with making jewelry. Although, I did buy and sell Native American jewelry at wholesale for a time. Ideas for jewelry design have been percolating in the back of my mind ever since. After college, and many moves indulging my wanderlust, I made my home base in Las Vegas a few decades ago.

I decided to try my hand at creating jewelry and accessories. Applying my design training, I learned how to craft jewelry using a variety of techniques. Ultimately, I developed my signature styles of wire-wrapped and drilled natural stone collections.

Therese - Artist 1

Fortunately for me (and you), my life partner is handy with almost everything that is a mystery to me. He also shares my vagabond nature and so willingly explores the world, searches for and gathers rocks and treasures with me, helps me wrestle with tools and technology, and fixes the stuff I break. Mostly he just believes in me and helps me with things that need to be done, so I can spend more time imagining, designing, and creating.   – that also keeps me and the house elves out from underfoot.

I draw inspiration from the outdoors, exploring nature with our four-legged kids, photographing gorgeous desert vistas, tending to our desert oasis, and sharing life with friends and family. Designing and crafting original pieces feeds my spirit. My hope is that Desert Stone Designs pieces stir the heart of every nature lover.

Thanks for stopping by…..Peace, Love, Bye


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