Chic Shimmer Chainmaille Earrings Silver LS

Chic Shimmer Line

Modern Classic Chainmaille

Modern Classic chainmaille style in our Chic Shimmer line lends a touch of cool to every look. Woven metallic-tone rings create a subtle accent to your every ensemble. Choose a silver, gold, or antique gold tone or add all three to your jewelry options.

If you are charmed by the look of chainmaille, our Chic Shimmer line is for you. Chic Shimmer offers gorgeous pieces crafted from stainless steel and anodized aluminum.  The lightweight, easy-to-wear nature of chainmaille makes it uniquely suited to you and a perfect gift for the chainmaille lover in your life.

Find discounts on multiples or choose complete 3-piece sets at special value prices.
Several options let you personalize your pieces to express your singular style.

 Desert Stone Designs 
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Silver Chic Shimmer Chainmaille Pendant
Silver Chainmaille Earrings
Chic Shimmer Chainmaille Bracelet SLV 250
Chic Shimmer Silver Chainmaille Set