ab Finds Sandstone Silver Set

Nomadic Heart Stylings

Calling all wanderers.....

Nomadic Heart stylings bring together complementary natural elements
in new and singular designs.

Beautiful stone jewelry hand­crafted from rough rock. Each stone is hand cut, shaped, polished and fashioned as one-of-a-kind pieces. Hand-drilled stones guarantees attention to detail. Polished, natural desert stones are used to ensure each set is singular and original.

– 2-piece set : pendant & earrings pairings or  pendant & bracelet pairings

– 3-piece set : includes coordinated necklace, bracelet, and earrings components

Because your Nomadic Heart set uses natural stone, through handling and traveling with you, your individual stones may develop special features or change tones. Each natural stone absorbs your essence and so, over time, becomes more uniquely yours.

Each beautiful set is distinctive and individual – Like Your Style

Nomadic Heart Sets

  • Drill Butterscotch Necklace-ER Set

    Nomadic Heart – Cody

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  • Nomadic Heart Peach Drill Sandstone LS2

    Nomadic Heart – Cassidy

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  • Fab Finds Sandstone Silver Set 2

    Nomadic Heart – Carson

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