Put the focus on Your Style -not your mask

It’s the nifty, stylish accessory
you didn’t know you needed.

Everyone will want one!

Our newest line of Mask Chains
is a brilliant solution to keeping track of your mask!

Wearing a mask when you’re out these days is a necessity. And Public Health Professionals admonish us not to touch the front of our mask.

But when you take your mask off while you’re exercising or walking alone or to drink or eat, what do you do with it?

Tuck it in your pocket or bag?  Leave it hanging off one ear?  Set it down nearby, and risk contaminating it?

Here’s a better idea!

Check out our New Mask Chains

Our Rainbow Pins
embrace the Universal Message

of Inclusion & Celebration of Diversity.

Share the message and help everyone to know
that there are safe spaces with people who welcome open hearts.

Our Rainbow pins are handcrafted with glass, wood, & acrylic beads merged with stainless steel.

Building on the original, simple safety pin to signify a “safe space”,
we’ve amplified the message with color and movement.

Grab their attention and share the welcome.

Let ’em know ~ You’re Safe Here With Me!

Your personal flair is on display with our
Limited Edition Hatbands.

Choose from 5 styles.
Our simple, stylish hatband is adjustable from 18″ to 25″.


All DSD Dawn to Dusk hatbands are handcrafted.
Attention to detail informs the quality of our versatile hatbands.

Showcase your favorite pendant or your new DSD pendants
with a versatile, affordable, natural cord necklace.

Basic Black cord necklaces complement every look and expand your pendant presentation options. 

Expand your options with all three adjustable lengths.

At these prices, you can try all three
neutral metallic tones to complement all your looks.