You are why we do what we do

How you helped make Desert Stone Designs a reality

About Desert Stone Designs

We are thrilled that everyone who wears and gives our jewelry knows they are getting a unique and distinctive piece worthy of every nature lover, rock-hound, outdoorsy, kindred spirit.

Desert Stone Designs pieces are as unique and original as the people who wear them.

~M Therese Gaudreau
CEO, Desert Stone Designs

Meet the Artist

Before I created Desert Stone Designs, my family, including our four-legged kids, wandered miles exploring the desert southwest. We pocketed random stones, pebbles, and shells on these treks.

Over the years my little jar of treasures grew into quite a collection. I was simply attracted to these random offerings of nature. These treasures were, and still are, irresistible to me  – – – but, what to do with all of them?

Then One Day….
I realized that the ideas and styles of jewelry I had in mind simply wasn’t reflected in any shop.
Everything seemed to include an element or embellishment that seemed pretentious, complex, or too sparkly for me. Ideas for jewelry design have been percolating in the back of my mind since the days I sold handmade Native American jewelry wholesale.

It occurred to me….
with my design skills, I could try my hand at designing and crafting jewelry I’d want to wear, using my desert stones and treasures. So I did.  I set out to create unique, distinctively simple and easy to wear pieces.

As folks noticed these original pieces, they’d sometimes ask if I could create something for them. I started thinking about how I could offer my designs to all those other nature loving, wanderers and kindred spirits.

I was concerned that, although my family, friends and colleagues liked my jewelry creations, there might not be enough interest to really make a go of marketing my designs.

But I wanted to share these creations with kindred spirits who’d choose handcrafted, wearable jewelry that expresses their personality and reflects their lifestyle and love of natural elements.

It turns out….
the journey was more challenging than I’d imagined. My background is in marketing, commercial design, and public relations, which have nothing to do with making jewelry or setting up a small business. Armed with my marketing knowledge, my artistic eye and training, inquisitive mind, spirited determination and creative passion I forged ahead anyway.

I acquired the tools, skills and knowledge needed to handcraft jewelry and design collections using a variety of techniques. Then I developed the skills and knowledge to create, market, and manage an online business. The learning curve was pretty steep and anything but smooth, yet, I’m happy to say, it has been an amazing odyssey!

Through it all, we released our first collections and the response has been, well, beyond all expectations! Many thanks to all our Kindirits and all kindred spirits out there, for your kind support!